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New Website for the Traditional Irish Horse Association

General March 30, 2018

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20th March 2018The Traditional Irish Horse Association (TIHA) has launched their new website for the Traditional Irish Horse.  The website’s new design is a more comprehensive guide to educating new and existing enthusiasts, breeders and prospective customers on the sporting merits and iconic qualities of the Traditional Irish Horse.

Commenting on the new website, spokesperson for the TIHA Hugh Leonard said “  From our research we found that there remained some confusion as to what a Traditional Irish Horse (TIH) is. Our new website explains this clearly and concisely.

Features of the website include a refreshed logo, a concise definition of the TIH and an outline of its many uses so that anybody who visits the site will understand what a TIH is and what a TIH can do.  It also includes  a chronological historical overview of the 2000 year history of the Traditional Irish Horse along with important links for breeders and producers.   Crucially it highlights the compelling rationale for Ireland as a breeding nation to conserve and improve the remaining performance TIH bloodlines as part of its sport horse breeding plans..

Hugh Leonard (TIHA) adds “ We have included a section for sellers and buyers of the Traditional Irish Horse linking in with the Irish Horse Gateway as part of our marketing platform.  In promoting the TIH we want to ensure that anybody who comes to the site can source one and it’s our job to support our breeder’s, producers and sellers by making their product visible and accessible”.

Learn about what the TIH is and what the TIHA do at


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