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The Irish Horse Gateway was initiated by Horse Sport Ireland (HSI) in 2013 to connect the world to the Irish horse. It is HSI’s first point of contact for overseas clients seeking information on sourcing Irish horses and ponies for equestrian sport and leisure. Horse Sport Ireland was established to bring together the breeding, sport and leisure aspects of the horse sector.


The Irish Horse Gateway’s mission is to connect buyers to sellers of Irish horses and ponies, and promote the Irish horse and pony internationally to build upon its worldwide reputation.

All revenues generated by the Irish Horse Gateway will be reinvested in marketing the Irish Horse Gateway and Irish horses and ponies.

  • To help breeders and producers in Ireland to promote and sell high quality Irish horses and ponies in international markets.
  • To give foreign buyers increased confidence in buying horses and ponies in Ireland.
  • To assist foreign buyers in sourcing reputable providers of other services they may require in Ireland.
  • To provide market feedback to Irish breeders and producers.

The IHG is aimed at the export market and links prospective buyers of Irish horses and ponies to participating sellers in Ireland. Following a public advertisement in 2013, a number of prominent sellers in Ireland have been assisting Horse Sport Ireland with the continued development of the site.

Horse Sport Ireland regularly receives requests from prospective buyers abroad about purchasing an Irish horse or pony. In such circumstances it has directed buyers towards public auctions in Ireland such as those at Goresbridge and Cavan, which do an excellent job. However, it does not suit some purchasers to buy at an auction.

The site has a number of features including that participating sellers must agree to the Code of Conduct before they put their horses up for sale on the site and all horses must have recorded pedigree (sire and dam).


Minister Coveney with HSI former chairman Joe Walsh

Minister Simon Coveney (DAFM) with Horse Sport Ireland former Chairman Joe Walsh.

In 2001, Liam Connell and former President of the RDS produced a report setting out the principles on which a new body would be created. This followed widespread consultation. The fundamental rationale behind the proposal was the bringing together of Equestrian sport and breeding into one body.

Michael Dowling, the former Secretary General of the Department of Agriculture was subsequently appointed by the Departments of Sport and Agriculture to produce an implementation plan. His report was completed in mid 2006 and in December 2006 Horse Sport Ireland was set up by the Ministers for Agriculture and Sport. Joe Walsh, the former Minister for Agriculture was appointed as Horse Sport Ireland’s first Chairman.

During 2007 the organisation recruited a CEO and Management Team and the Staff of the Irish Horse Board and the Equestrian Federation of Ireland transferred to Horse Sport Ireland.

On January 1st, 2008, the organisation became the Governing Body for equestrian sport in Ireland (32 counties) as recognised by the International Governing Body (FEI), The Irish Sports Council and the Olympic Council of Ireland (OCI).

In July 2008, the Department of Agriculture transferred responsibility for maintaining the Irish Horse Register to Horse Sport Ireland following a Special General Meeting of the Irish Horse Board.

In 2010 the organisation was formally recognised as the Governing Body for equestrian sport by Sport Northern Ireland.

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