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Irish Hunters in a class of their own

General September 11, 2013

As the autumn closes in the hunting season will soon be upon us. Ireland is known throughout the world for its big banks, ditches, rugged countryside and of course the famous Irish Hunter.hunting sceen

The Irish hunting field for many riders is often considered the ideal start for both horse and rider where prospective jockeys,event riders and show jumpers learn their skills of bravery and balance.The traditional Irish Hunter is for many the preferred choice on the hunting field and is  tremendously sought after in England and America due to it’s temperament, agility, bravery and athleticism. The Irish horse out hunting can rarely be matched with it’s super natural ability over fences, fantastic gallop along with intelligence and plenty of guts.

According to the Hunting Association of Ireland hunting with hounds is a tradition that goes back to ancient times and is featured strongly in mystical Celtic legends and literature. Hunting is very much a family sport and it is common to find over three generations of the same family hunting together and is one of the largest equestrian activates in Ireland.

Hunting Wicklow

Along side the hounds and Whipper- In there is a welcomed revival in the Irish hunting world. Side Saddle is back in vogue adding a touch of glamour from a bygone era. Women wearing vintage habits and veils in traditional wools and tweeds with beautifully crafted tack which has being handed down through the generations add to the spectacle of the meets.

Photo Credit Tom Bannon from Side-Saddle Asc

Photo Credit Tom Bannon from Side-Saddle Asc

As land of the horse many visitors come to these shores for great hunting on great Irish hunters. The Irish hunting season runs from October to March. Many hunts welcome visitors with a ready supply of well-schooled local horses that are available.

For those who are enthusiasts of the Irish Draught and  Irish Hunter, an article featured in the American issue of “In and Around Horse & Country” called “Irish Draughts No Blarney”   page 16 & 17 is a must. (opens in new window)

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For more information :

Hunting Association of Ireland Ltd (HAI)

Side-Saddle Asc.Web:



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