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They call Ireland the ‘Land of the Horse’ and not without good reason. If you mention the word eventing Irish horses spring to mind. As a country we continue to produce some of the best sport and riding horses in the world and Irish bloodlines continue to influence and shape equestrianism.

The Irish eventing horse is brave, courageous and athletic with the ability to handle the worst and best of conditions. It is then of no great surprise that the Irish Sport Horse Studbook has been the leading eventing Studbook in the World Breeding Federation for Sport Horse (WBFSH) rankings for 14 of the past 16 years. In addition to leading the eventing studbook rankings in 2012 it was the Irish Sport Horse Mr Medicott who claimed the number one position in the individual event horse rankings. Mr Medicott was later awarded the title of the United States Eventing Association (USEA) Horse of the Year 2012. An outstanding sporting achievement confirming Irish horses as the leading consistent equine athlete to partner with.

Eventing may have originated as a calvary discipline in France whereby combined training was an important element for fitness and combat for both rider and horse. Nowadays it is the Irish bred horse that rides to the fore  in the performance sport of eventing.

Andrew Nicholson NZL on Mr Cruise Control (ISH\

Andrew Nicholson NZL on Mr Cruise Control (ISH\

High Kingdom ISH & Zara Phillips

High Kingdom ISH & Zara Phillips

In 2012 British Eventing sire rankings of young horses was published and highlighted the dominance of Irish-based stallions’ progeny in eventing, with 15 of the top 20 sires being Irish based. The recently retired Irish Sport Horse Lenamore was also announced the all time highest British Eventing point earner.

At the London 2012 Olympic Games, 13 Irish Sport Horses represented seven different nations in eventing. With four Irish sport horses in the top 10 further cements Ireland’s reputation of excellence for the  production of world-class eventing horses.

Irish breeders and producers have a wide variety of quality equine stock that suits every rider’s eventing ability. The Irish bred horse has a great temperament, a great brain and gets better with age so regardless of what stage a rider is at Ireland has the right horse to match their ability. As a horse producing nation we tick all the right boxes.

The Irish Horse Gateway is Horse Sport Ireland’s portal to finding horses of a lifetime and is the gateway to sourcing your next quality event horse . For futher information go to contact the IHG team at .


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