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Irish Sport Horse (ISH)

ISH Castlefield Eclipse

Castlefield Eclipse – Irish Sport Horse

The Irish Sport Horse is considered Ireland’s most successful competition horse.  The selective breeding of Draught bloodlines with Sport horse breeds and thoroughbred produces a truly exceptional equine athlete that excels and competes to the very highest levels in equestrianism.   Renowned world wide for their wonderful temperaments and wiliness to work, the Irish Sport horse is a horse of distinction.With its longstanding and proven track record including Olympic legacies, the Irish Sport horse’s performance, durability, and competitive longevity sees the studbook retaining number 1 in World Breeding Federation for Sport Horses (WBFSH) of which it holds 14 titles over 16 consecutive years. This consistency at the highest level over this number of years is a proven testimony to sporting excellence.

With Ireland’s long tradition of hunting and showjumping it is not surprising that the Irish Sport Horse possess an innate talent for the equestrian sports of showjumping and eventing.  The main composite breeds of the Irish Sport Horse are the Irish Draught and the Thoroughbred.  Varying proportions of these breeds result in the production of Irish Sport Horses. In recent years there has also been an infusion of continental warmblood breeds into the Irish Sport Horse.

The Irish Draught and Thoroughbred has proven to be a very successful cross and gives the Irish Sport Horse it’s unique, and much sought after, characteristics.   The Irish Draught Horse gives our sport horses strength, intelligence and a kind temperament, which are reflected in their performance and ability.  The Thoroughbred blood brings athleticism to the breed and enables them to compete successfully at the highest level of every equestrian discipline.

In recent years there has also been an infusion of continental warmblood breeds into the Irish Sport Horse. Since the dawn of showjumping in Ireland Irish Sport Horses have been found competing at the highest level.  Horses such as Boomerang, Ryan’s Son, Cruising, and more recently, Flexible, Castlefield Eclipse, Lisona, and Roller Coaster have made their mark in the sport of showjuming. For generations Irish horses have also dominated the eventing circuit and captured the hearts of the equestrian world.  Who could forget the magical performances of Biko, Custom Made and Supreme Rock and more recently horses such as Mr Medicott and Imperial Cavalier, to name but a few.  Apart from its success at international level the Irish Sport Horse is an ideal leisure horse.  Its ability to look after and help its rider in any situation makes the breed a safe and popular choice for the amateur rider.