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General July 10, 2013

Bred in Dundrum, County Tipperary in the heartland of Ireland a Connemara gelding aptly named Dundrum rode to fame with his partner Tommy Wade as champion show jumpers during the late 1950’s and early years of 1960’s.

Dundrum is still regarded by many as show jumper of the centurya high accolade for a horse that stood at just 15 hh.

There is a saying “good things tend to come in small packages” but small horses are often overlooked or seen as a disadvantage in the world of equestrian sport.  Tommy Wade, recognised the ability and potential in this small horse and soon small became mighty in the world of international show jumping.

Dundrum early days were more functional then sensational and saw him pulling luggage carts from the station in Tipperary to local hotels. But this spirited gelding proved not the most convivial cart horse and was passed on. Sold to Tommy Wade an Irish show jumperit started the partnership of lifetime. Dundrum had wins from International Grand Prix to speed classes and Puissance.

At 15 hh he became the most brilliant show jumper of that era and was heralded as the people’s champion. From the cities to the countryside this special horse was loved. He was a symbol of national pride and a true ambassador for Ireland.

In 1961 Dundrum became Supreme Champion at Wembley HOYS, when he cleared a 7”2” Puissance wall. After spectacular wins at five major events in the Dublin Horse Show he became Ireland’s hero by making sporting history.   Ireland as a horse nation continues a proud tradition breeding horses of true distinction. Visit Ireland, visit the Irish Horse Gateway to find your Irish Horse of a lifetime.

Watch rare vintage footage of Dundrum at Dublin Horse Show



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