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Reasons for Buyers to use IHG

 Great reasons to use the Irish Horse Gateway when buying an Irish horse or pony


1. Quality Horses 

Whether its an elite competition horse, a winner in the showring, traditional Irish Hunter, or a quality pony, the Irish Horse Gateway, will connect you to Irish breeders and producers at the touch of a button to find that horse or pony of a lifetime.


2. Recorded Pedigree 

Horses and ponies  listed on the site will be studbook registered with recorded pedigree. The Irish Horse Gateway will be  supported by the breeding database of Horse Sport Ireland,  CapallOir, in the near future. Learn more about Irish Horse Breeds »


3. Sellers Code of Conduct

In order sell  a horse or pony on the Irish Horse Gateway, all sellers must sign a professional code of conduct and be a registered as members of the Irish Horse Gateway. View the Code of Conduct.


4. Supported buyer experience 

If you have a query about buying a horse or pony  in Ireland, travelling to Ireland, or have any other questions that you need answered the Irish Horse Gateway support team will be delighted to be of assistance.

Contact  Irish Horse Gateway
Phone: +353 45 854590
Mobile: + 353 86 4110016



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